Monday 31 August 2020

 Sad news

This is the first time I have posted on the blog and it is not the pleasurable event I had hoped.

Yesterday Alan lost his battle with cancer and passed quietly away with his family.

I met Alan back in the 70s and we've been friends and playing wargames together ever since. He's been a really good friend in so many ways nd it hasn't really hit me that he has gone.

The last game we played together and the last picture of us can be seen on bob the old painters blog (link down the side Douglas Miniatures 20mm crimean wargamin). Please take a look.

Alan enjoyed the game, the figures and company and I know he enjoyed the comments he received on this blog from other gamers.

I shall be in touch with his wife, two daughters and grandson in the coming days and will assure them that he will be missed by us all 


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