Thursday 10 January 2019

S Range 1866 French V Austrians

A belated Happy New Year. The year has started with a rotten cough and cold!! Which is just hanging on and being a pain.  Combined with remaining war game blues and not much has been happening.

In an attempt to get motivated I decided to look at my French Crimean and 1870 units and see if I could combine them to take on the Austrians.  This resulted in me dreaming up the following game and setting the table up ready to take Bob on.  Not sure when, but I thought I would post some pre-battle pictures I have taken.  I usually do this and send them to Bob with a bit of narrative so he knows what to expect, so this is what he got.

Austrians and French clash at Idonuwhere.

The French have the Austrians bottled up in the walled town of Idonuwhere..


The Austrians have
6 regts of Infantry
1 Regt of Jagers
2 guns
3 units of light cavalry
3 Regts of Cuirassiers.
Local town militia

The French know that the Austrians are expecting Allied Reinforcements consisting of 4 Regts of infantry, a unit of light cavalry and artillery at which point they can take the initiative.

The French have put together on the right an elite Guards Brigade consisting of:
1 Regt of Grenadiers
1 Regt of Guard Chassuers
1 Regt of Marines
1 unit of Papal Volunteers

In the centre a Brigade of Line infantry consisting of:
4 Regts of infantry

and on the left
1 Regt of Chasseurs
2 Regts of Line Infantry
1 Regt of Zouaves

The French have 3 batteries of artillery consisting of 1 gun and mitrailleuse

These are supported by Heavy and light cavalry of on the right flank, heavy cavalry on the left flank and a regt of Chasseurs d’Afrique scouting to the front

The Idonuwhat river separates the French and Austrian forces it has 2 fordable points and a bridge.

The Austrians additional forces consist troops from Baden, Saschen-Meiningen, and Hessen-Kassel.

Hope you enjoys these pictures in advance of the actual game.