Monday, 31 August 2020

 Sad news

This is the first time I have posted on the blog and it is not the pleasurable event I had hoped.

Yesterday Alan lost his battle with cancer and passed quietly away with his family.

I met Alan back in the 70s and we've been friends and playing wargames together ever since. He's been a really good friend in so many ways nd it hasn't really hit me that he has gone.

The last game we played together and the last picture of us can be seen on bob the old painters blog (link down the side Douglas Miniatures 20mm crimean wargamin). Please take a look.

Alan enjoyed the game, the figures and company and I know he enjoyed the comments he received on this blog from other gamers.

I shall be in touch with his wife, two daughters and grandson in the coming days and will assure them that he will be missed by us all 


Monday, 3 August 2020

Nothing for a while

Unfortunately the cancer has taken a turn for the worst and gone to my brain how it found it god only knows!!! Had 3 brain seizures Woke in ICU to a very nice doctor asking did I know where I was! Last thing I remember was I sitting eating chicken and chips!! I seem to have cancer with a full blown phd in the Art of Chinese Warfare rather than the one that could do quite well in wood work!

Anyway, I had have whole brain radio therapy. They let me keep my mask which is individually made so I am painting up to 'surprise ' this year's Halloween door ringers! looking at it a reminded me of the British series in the mid 1960s The Avengers with John Steed and Emma Peel and the episode with the Cyborgs.  Apologies to those who haven't got a clue what I  am going on about.  I think men of  a certain age will remember Diana Rigg playing Emma Peel

A Cyborg

 The Cyborgs were Robots and used karate chops to breakdown doors and walls to get their victims and Emma and Steed had a to defeat them.  Come to think about it was thee ever more than one?

Need to spray the mask silver/steel yet.

The invisible man is the other alternative!

The result of all of this is the 2020 will be my last blogging year! pity because I came late to it and have enjoyed it.  I hope you have to.  Going to try to get a couple of games in so there might be something more yet, but nobody is holding hope for 2021.  Hope this post hasn't been depressing.  It is meant to show that even in adversity you can still have a bit of laugh
My brother made this up for m. Thanks Simon