Thursday, 27 October 2016

S Range Conversions - Standing Firing Crimean War Infantry

I have been painting more figures for my S Range Crimean War army and thought it would be fun to have some firing figures skirmishing or forming a firing line.

I had a couple of ACW standing firing figures and decided to try to see how easy it would be to convert them into British and Turkish infantry.

Using my ever trusty pliers I took the head off the ACW figure and a Turkish Infantry figure and swapped them.  After that it was a simple paint job! Ideally the metal 'flask' should be on the back pack rather than the hip  and he has one more 'pouch' than the equipment on the original S range Turkish advancing pose, but I don't think this detracts from the figure too much. 

Full of confidence, I thought I would try the same trick to make the British standing firing figure.  I used a different standing firing ACW figure for this conversion and had to cut away the front of the tunic (sack coat).  I took the head from a British Rifleman and did the usual swap. I was really very happy until I finished painting and realised that it looked more like a British Napoleonic figure! - Not everything works!

For the ACW S range aficionados don't worry, I have saved the heads and will remount them on different bodies to ensure no waste!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Preparing for the next game - 17th C Pike and Shotte

At SELWG I pointed out some Napoleonic sailors and gun crews to Bob. They were French and British but easily used as other sailors, all the gunners for example being bare chested. Now Bob has sent me a few pictures of the sailors deployed for what will be our next game.

The eight guns are deployed in a small fort that guards a Polish port. Although Bob has eight crews he has only placed four in the fort, so although every approach and the port itself have a gun pointing at it not every is manned.

As well as the fort there are three Polish infantry regiments stationed nearby. Cavalry is deployed down the road and will take several moves to reach the fort or the port. Bob has not  given all the details of the Polish forces yet but has said that since this is a small frontier garrison there will be no Winged Hussars or elite cavalry. He also neglected to tell me who the opponent will be. 

Since this is a Pike & Shotte scenario set in the 17th century there are several options.
It could be Swedes, or TYW Germans – but it might just be his Turks, Cossacks or Russians all of whom could legitimately attack the port.

The fort was scratch built by Jack, as was the dock. The gun and gun crews and the sailors on the dock were all by Newline Design. The barn is another of Jack’s scratch built piece and the customs office came from eBay,

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Recast S Range Sardinian Provisional Cavalry Regiment

A little while ago I show a picture of a Sardinian Provisional Cavalryman I had made by converting  the French Chasseur d'Afrique figure.   I put together a regiment based on the different squadrons.  Red, Maroon, White, Orange and Yellow kepis make for a colourful unit.

These will form part of a Sadinian brigade of infantry, cavalry and artillery to join my British, French and Turkish forces.

Details of the uniforms for the Sardinians and a host of other information on Turkish Uniforms in the Crimea and in other periods are available on this excellent site.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Bob's 28mm Hungarian 15thC Army

Bob has been busy working on a new 15th C Hungarian Army.  I have yet to see it in 'in the flesh' but Bob has sent me some pictures for the blog.

15th century Hungarians - early army of Matias Corvinus Hungary's greatest monarch.

The figures are French HYW with Hungarian Standards and paint schemes.

Based on a 15th C illustration, Bob has given the herald a Hungarian hat made from Humbrol putty - the orange/green colours are taken from Hungarian sources. 

 You may be interested to know that Bob wrote a book on Mattias's father Janos Hunyadi and one of the Standard bearers in the picture above carries his standard, although he was dead by the time Mattias is king - but not forgotten and it is justifiable to carry his Standard.

Bob has been trying them out against his Turks.  The figures are from Lancashire Games.

Monday, 10 October 2016

SELWG 2016

Went to SELWG with Jack and Bob on Sunday.  This is the only show we have attended this year.  It is one of my favourites, just enough to be able to get around comfortably and with most of the traders I would want to buy from.

Got myself the 28mm John Brown and abolitionists sets from First Corp - and very nice they look too - as well as some scenery and paints.  The Bring and Buy was excellent with realistic prices.  

As last year I was particularly struck by the Shepway Wargames Group display Game. Lovely figures and good looking terrain. Prussians and Austrians at the Battle of Konniggratz in 1866.

I took the pictures on my phone so I apologise for the quality which do not do the game justice.

Where did they get the train and coaches from????

Friday, 7 October 2016

More Franco Prussian S Range Conversions

As many readers of this blog will realise I like to have drummers and standard bearers in my armies, even if they didn't field their colours in battle.

I have been building a French Franco Prussian War force and have added a unit of Guard Grenadiers a Pied (FFP3).  As with all the original Franco Prussian War range standard bearers and drummers were not produced, so I made my own.  

It is the usual cut away of the rifle and the addition of a wire to act as the standard by drilling through the hands and, using the same technique the addition of a drum made of a piece of wooden dowel and wire and small pieces of wire (or paper clip in this case as wire was running out) to make the drum sticks.  Some green stuff to make the drum rim etc would probably be a nice extra addition, rather than just painting them on as I have done, but I am happy with the end results.

Standard wire still needs to be cut down a bit!