Thursday 27 October 2016

S Range Conversions - Standing Firing Crimean War Infantry

I have been painting more figures for my S Range Crimean War army and thought it would be fun to have some firing figures skirmishing or forming a firing line.

I had a couple of ACW standing firing figures and decided to try to see how easy it would be to convert them into British and Turkish infantry.

Using my ever trusty pliers I took the head off the ACW figure and a Turkish Infantry figure and swapped them.  After that it was a simple paint job! Ideally the metal 'flask' should be on the back pack rather than the hip  and he has one more 'pouch' than the equipment on the original S range Turkish advancing pose, but I don't think this detracts from the figure too much. 

Full of confidence, I thought I would try the same trick to make the British standing firing figure.  I used a different standing firing ACW figure for this conversion and had to cut away the front of the tunic (sack coat).  I took the head from a British Rifleman and did the usual swap. I was really very happy until I finished painting and realised that it looked more like a British Napoleonic figure! - Not everything works!

For the ACW S range aficionados don't worry, I have saved the heads and will remount them on different bodies to ensure no waste!