Tuesday 8 November 2016

Airfix Ancient Romans - rediscovered

Sorting through the boxes in the loft I came across my long lost Airfix and Atlantic Roman Army.  I painted the bulk of these back in the late 1970s and the Atlantic Infantry were painted by Stuart Asquith around the same time.

I laid them out on my table and was surprised just what there was.  Obviously, at the time I was basing my figures using the 5th Edition Wargame Research Rules.


Those were the days when we used drawing pins as shields for auxiliary infantry!

Obviously, I need to do some touching up of damaged paint, which given they were painted some 40 years ago is a lot less than I thought. I haven't played any ancient games for almost as many years and wondered what to do with them.  A few years ago I sold off my Atlantic Greek and Egyptian armies which I painted around the same time, but for some reasons not these or my Ancient Britons who I also rediscovered. The question is do I rebase them?

Having used the Black Powder and Pike and Shotte rules recently I thought I would give the Hail Caesar rules a go.  The only problem I can forsee is that I have so many Romans compared to Ancient Britons whose pictures I will be posting pictures of shortly!


  1. They are fantastic. Especially considering the age of the paint!

  2. Those would be Attic helmets, then, I assume?

    Loft treasure indeed. Thanks for showing!

    1. Oh dear, Antipedean humour at its finest!!
      Thanks for posting. Glad you liked them.

  3. Hi Matt
    I was surprised as well and no figures broken at the ankles. Had to stick back a couple of shields and 2 have vanished completely!

  4. Fantastic - I wish I could rediscover my old Airfix armies but when I went overseas they were left with a mate. When I got back I was intending to get them back and then he went and died, and his wife threw the lot out. Good to see these survivors of a by-gone age resurrected.

  5. Hi Brian glad you liked them. I got close to binning these 10 or so years ago. But just put them back in the loft. Somewhere I have 2 medieval airfix armies with lots of Robin Hood poses. I have looked for it from time to time but have yet to find them!