Tuesday 18 October 2016

Recast S Range Sardinian Provisional Cavalry Regiment

A little while ago I show a picture of a Sardinian Provisional Cavalryman I had made by converting  the French Chasseur d'Afrique figure.   I put together a regiment based on the different squadrons.  Red, Maroon, White, Orange and Yellow kepis make for a colourful unit.

These will form part of a Sadinian brigade of infantry, cavalry and artillery to join my British, French and Turkish forces.

Details of the uniforms for the Sardinians and a host of other information on Turkish Uniforms in the Crimea and in other periods are available on this excellent site. http://www.ottoman-uniforms.com/crimean-war-sardinian-army/


  1. Wonderful! Excellent troops and excellent link.
    Many thanks,

  2. Many thanks, as always your comments are greatly appreciated. The link site is really very good for all sorts of periods in the Ottoman period.