Friday 7 October 2016

More Franco Prussian S Range Conversions

As many readers of this blog will realise I like to have drummers and standard bearers in my armies, even if they didn't field their colours in battle.

I have been building a French Franco Prussian War force and have added a unit of Guard Grenadiers a Pied (FFP3).  As with all the original Franco Prussian War range standard bearers and drummers were not produced, so I made my own.  

It is the usual cut away of the rifle and the addition of a wire to act as the standard by drilling through the hands and, using the same technique the addition of a drum made of a piece of wooden dowel and wire and small pieces of wire (or paper clip in this case as wire was running out) to make the drum sticks.  Some green stuff to make the drum rim etc would probably be a nice extra addition, rather than just painting them on as I have done, but I am happy with the end results.

Standard wire still needs to be cut down a bit!


  1. Those are very nice indeed, ABC. I can't wait to see the whole regiment!

  2. Many thanks Wellington Man, Your painting of those Hinton Hunt figures is terrific, so take it as a big compliment that you have enjoyed these figures.

  3. Very clever little conversions - nicely done!

  4. Hi Stryker, this is my first attempt at converting this pose. The other Franco Prussian War figures in the range - with the exception of the Saxons - are advancing with the rifle across the front of the body. I wasn't sure if the 'high porte' pose would work. I am pleased with the results and am going to have a look at some Zouaves (or Zouavres) that I have which are also in the same pose to convert a couple of those as well.