Friday, 10 August 2018

Another loft find - Airfix Robin Hood & Sheriff of Nottingham

In the deep recesses of the loft I found a tin box.  Inside were a series of A4 paper boxes which revealed a large collection of Airfix Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood figures, as well as siege equipment made by Zeveda and Atlantic.  The majority of these came from my friend Stuart Asquith.

Anyway I am getting rid of them, but I thought I would give a bit of a trip down memory lane for anyone else who had these.

How many Robin Hoods can you have in any army?

I also came across a 'medieval army' I made using the above figures and Airfix Ancient Briton Chariot riders and US cavalry.  These were for a game at SALUTE when it was held in Kensington Town Hall more than 40 years ago.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

S Range Mexican Adventure - Belgians/Austrians

John Cunningham mentioned that a friend of his liked the Austrian Hussar conversion below and was going to use it for the Maximilian adventure in a mix of S range and Jacklex figures.

John sent me some pictures, of the Belgians amongst others and this sent me off searching for figures that could form the basis for conversions.

For the Belgians (and the Austrians who seem to have similar uniforms) I went for the French Chasseurs a Pied from the FPW range for the body, but the Belgian/Austrian hat is quite distinctive.  Nothing matched so I took the head from the French Revolutionary Citizen (a really useful and available figure) with musket in top hat and filed it down and shaped it.  I then added some green stuff for a plume.  I think he makes a passable figure.

There was a lot of filing to create this and I thought I would be lazy and try the Napoleonic Spanish Infantryman with an upturned brimmed hat. The hat shape is okay to start with.

 Here I simply snipped either side of the where the brim adjoins the hat and fattened the brim with a pair of pliers. I then cut and filed away the remaining bit of hat adjoined to the crown (very quick compared to filing the other hat).  I then filed the gap with green stuff and added a plume.  Again I think it makes a passable figure.

The head for the mounted figure was made the same way and I think he can pass as either a mounted officer or an Austrian cavalryman.  Given the braid in the print I went for the body of  French Hussar from the FPW range.

The Bugler in the print can easily be made with a head swap of the Chasseur Bugler I made for the FPW range with the 'cap' from a French Guard from the same range.  More blogs and pictures to follow on other Mexican Adventure items.

The just for the hell of it I make a female - well sort of - Mexican peasant by using the Revolutionary War 'citizeness' with musket.  I added some green stuff for belts, sleeves for the arms and long hair etc

I know they would never have had bayonets but its the way the figures are made!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

S Range -Volontaires de lQuest Conversions

I stumbled across this picture on the TMP page some time ago when someone was asking about the uniforms of the Papal Zouaves. 

They looked rather smart and I was determined that I should have a regiment in my FPW French army.  I also thought they could fight in any Italian campaign, for which I also have some conversions in mind.

The Ist Western Volunteer battalion Rennes July 1871
 I originally intended to use this figure  - this is actually ACW23!  

I went ahead and made some of these and them realised that the backpack is all wrong.  I had a look around and came across the French Zouaves from the FPW range.  From them on it was a simple head swap of the fez for a kepi.  

The officer is the Crimean War range Zouave Officer with a head swap.  I think that I could probably have filed/cut down the shako to make a passable kepi, but by them it was too late!

I found pictures showing the infantry in a darkish grey and them references to blue grey and the picture shows the officers in a blue grey and the line in a darker grey.  So I settled for that combination.  Apologies in advance to anyone who has better information.  Please don't tell me as I am not going to repainted them and I can do without the disappointment!!  

Anyway I give you the first half of the Volontaires de l'Oust.  I tend to work in 8's to keep me interested and feel I am making progress!  Their drummer and remaining infantrymen are ready to go.

The banner is simply taken from the picture put into Word copied and reversed to give the back of the banner and stuck back to back.  A touch of gold around the edge and the words highlighted in red paint - biro anything will do.  

The cross is simply cut from a coke tin with the help of a pair of scissors and a scalpel.  The white ribbon is a thin piece of white paper platted around the top of the pole with the end painted gold and red crosses - paint or pen whatever works for you. 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

1866 Prussian Allies finally start to mobilise - more S range conversions

After a foray into the world of 15mm, I have finally come back to my 1866 Minifigs S range project.

On the one any only outing on the wargame table it became apparent that the Austrians and allies outweighed the Prussians and their allies.  The call went out for more troops but some delay in supplies of new figures and a slump in my converting of figures held thing up.

However in the background I have been working away slowly – very slowly.  Here are the latest recruitments.

Waldeck Infantry

A straight repaint of the Prussian Infantry figures from my spares box. With a green coat and rather fetching white gaiters and armband the Waldeck Infantry cut a smart unit. 

The Lippe (Detmold) Infantry  

Basically the same as painting the Jagers except they have a brown backpack and a yellow and red cockade.  

They are awaiting their flag which is proving to be a bit of a challenge at the moment.  I could just give them a Napoleonic flag but the standard in the background is quite different.

Oldenburg Dragoons
I thought I could just paint up some ACW cavalry as the pictures I had seen looked like the dragoons wore an ACW type kepi. Unfortunately, the S range ACW figure’s kepi is very ‘slouched’ if that’s a word – high at the back and low at the front – and looked wrong.  I therefore filled down the kepi to make it ‘flatter’.  They also have crossed belts and I didn’t realise until I started painting them that I should have removed one of these.  They sort of look okay.

Mecklenburgh-Schewein Dragoons

Having not been happy with the kepi and the fact that the ACW figures were sword armed, I decided that these dragoons should be based on the Prussian Dragoon with a Wurttemberg kepi.  Rummaging through my spares box, I found a couple of 2 Prussian Dragoons, an ACW cavalry officer with a pistol, an ACW sword waving figure who became the standard bearer and 2 French dragoons.  Since everyone was going to get a head swap life was a little simpler.  Some quick work with a scalpel sorted out cross belts and epaulettes to give me 6 figures that looked reasonably similar.  I use a light blue as in the illustration above which looks grey in these photos – although I did notice that in Uniformology they used the same blue as the Oldenburg figure.

So the Prussians now have some more allied cavalry but still need more infantry! 

Next up the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Infantry shown in the picture above.   I am going to use ACW23 as the basic figure without any head swap (same figure as I used for the Hungarian Infantryman).  No packback on this figure so changing it is more simple.  

CORRECTION: This is ACW25 NOT ACW23 - not listed in the S range list on the Vintage Wargamer's blog and Not the ACW25 in the current Minifigs catalogue. But the absence of a backpack makes this a really usefully figure for all sorts of conversions.
He could just be painted as he is minus the back pack, but I will give him the Jacklex 20mm WW1 backpack as that is a rolled blanket similar to the one on the picture which I will just superglue in position after painting.