Monday 10 October 2016

SELWG 2016

Went to SELWG with Jack and Bob on Sunday.  This is the only show we have attended this year.  It is one of my favourites, just enough to be able to get around comfortably and with most of the traders I would want to buy from.

Got myself the 28mm John Brown and abolitionists sets from First Corp - and very nice they look too - as well as some scenery and paints.  The Bring and Buy was excellent with realistic prices.  

As last year I was particularly struck by the Shepway Wargames Group display Game. Lovely figures and good looking terrain. Prussians and Austrians at the Battle of Konniggratz in 1866.

I took the pictures on my phone so I apologise for the quality which do not do the game justice.

Where did they get the train and coaches from????

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