Tuesday 25 October 2016

Preparing for the next game - 17th C Pike and Shotte

At SELWG I pointed out some Napoleonic sailors and gun crews to Bob. They were French and British but easily used as other sailors, all the gunners for example being bare chested. Now Bob has sent me a few pictures of the sailors deployed for what will be our next game.

The eight guns are deployed in a small fort that guards a Polish port. Although Bob has eight crews he has only placed four in the fort, so although every approach and the port itself have a gun pointing at it not every is manned.

As well as the fort there are three Polish infantry regiments stationed nearby. Cavalry is deployed down the road and will take several moves to reach the fort or the port. Bob has not  given all the details of the Polish forces yet but has said that since this is a small frontier garrison there will be no Winged Hussars or elite cavalry. He also neglected to tell me who the opponent will be. 

Since this is a Pike & Shotte scenario set in the 17th century there are several options.
It could be Swedes, or TYW Germans – but it might just be his Turks, Cossacks or Russians all of whom could legitimately attack the port.

The fort was scratch built by Jack, as was the dock. The gun and gun crews and the sailors on the dock were all by Newline Design. The barn is another of Jack’s scratch built piece and the customs office came from eBay,


  1. Hi Ross. Many thanks for the comment. Looking forward to trying this one out myself. Bob has set up an interesting scenario.