Friday 14 October 2016

Bob's 28mm Hungarian 15thC Army

Bob has been busy working on a new 15th C Hungarian Army.  I have yet to see it in 'in the flesh' but Bob has sent me some pictures for the blog.

15th century Hungarians - early army of Matias Corvinus Hungary's greatest monarch.

The figures are French HYW with Hungarian Standards and paint schemes.

Based on a 15th C illustration, Bob has given the herald a Hungarian hat made from Humbrol putty - the orange/green colours are taken from Hungarian sources. 

 You may be interested to know that Bob wrote a book on Mattias's father Janos Hunyadi and one of the Standard bearers in the picture above carries his standard, although he was dead by the time Mattias is king - but not forgotten and it is justifiable to carry his Standard.

Bob has been trying them out against his Turks.  The figures are from Lancashire Games.

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