Tuesday 15 November 2016

Sarissa 28mm Wild West/ACW train

I am not keen on doing work in progress pictures, but just had to share what I think is a very nice 28mm ACW/Wild West Train, coach and track.

The models are made by Sarissa Precision Ltd and are laser cut MDF.  The Train and Tender costs £17.50 as does the Coach.  

The Train takes a little building, but if you go slowly and 'dry build' bits first it works out.  The instructions aren't always clear.  It didn't tell me about the coupling arrangement and I glued it incorrectly and am having to retrofit.  Once you have got it wrong, it is obvious what you should do! 

You also have bits left over and no clue from the instructions what they are until you build the tender and realise that they are to couple the tender to any carriages etc. 

I am so pleased that I have bought the flat bed car £10 and a pack of straight track - approx 5 feet for £15.  

I haven't finished painting the train and fixing the cab roof in place, as I am torn between different liveries.  Lots of colour, all black or just the cab and roof painted??? and the wheel rims and tracks still need to be finished.  I am also wondering whether to put some lettering on the tender - again I have seen these painted or just left black. 

All the wheels move and are easy to assemble. I decided to spray my train Matt black before I fitted the wheels as I thought it would be awkward to get the paint brush into areas once I constructed the model .  The same with the coach wheels and base.

It fits both the ACW  and Wild West.  So at last I can make use of my Wild West Bad guys! 

The roof of the carriage is design to be left as a loose fit.  It is probably the trickiest bit of the coach as to have to bend the cardboard to fit some lugs, I think maybe I should have scored it as well as trying to bend it, as it could be a better fit.

These pictures give you an idea of scale all the figures are 28mm. The flat bed truck is basically the same build as the coach but with without the carriage. You have lots of MDF left over and it is possible to use it to raise the sides of the flat bed if you fancy it.

Santa may need to bring another train and maybe the caboose £12.50 and maybe  the Old West Cattle Wagon £15 and some more track......soooo much better than socks!!!!!!!!!  

They do a bundle for the train etc., which actually works out as better value than buying each bit separately but I wanted to see what it was like first, mine will be the more expensive route!  

Their is also a nice European Carriage which looks a bit like the US Carriage but is shorter and without the extra roof venting.  I think it could be converted and is cheaper and saves a bit of space.

If you have made any of the laser cut building etc., you can make these. If you haven't it is just a case of going slowly and not using too much glue.  I use white wood glue and apply it with a coffee stirrer.

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