Thursday 24 September 2015

The Jacklex fleet

For those of you who know the name 'Jacklex' from the range of 20mm colonial and ACW figures, you might like to know that Jack Alexander, the creator of the Jacklex range is still going strong.  He is into building 54mm scale ships at the moment, having finished a represenation of the HMS Warrior complete with 54mm crew and an impressive Chinese Junk he is now building HMS Cressy a 4 funnel cruiser sunk in WW1.

Before he did all this Bob and I persuaded him to make some 20mm models.  These represent the Dapper Class gunboats launched at the time of the Crimean War and still in use towards the end of the 19th century.  He also made a number of Chinese Junks.  We are preparing for a game where the Gunboats are to make an attack up river to take out a Chinese fort protected by a number of armed Junks.  More on that in a later battle report.

3 Dapper Class gunboats ready for action

2 mortars ready for bombardment

 Jacklex 20mm sailors

Jacklex sailors ready for action

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