Sunday 13 September 2015

A First Post

This is the first foray of the ABC Wargamers into the world of blogging.  The ABC Wargamers are Jack Alexander, Bob Black and Alan Cook. 

Jack Alexander is one of the early miniature figure makers and produced the 20mm Jacklex Range and later 54mm figures.  Bob Black is a former editor of Toy Soldier magazine and a much published writer specialising in medieval and renaissance Eastern Europe.  Me, I’m the one who thought this might be a good idea and have decided to publish our ideas, games and models on line.

Some of what we will be publishing you may have seen before and hopefully some will be new to you.  We wargame for fun and between us we have had and wargamed with every range from 2mm to 54mm.  As age had dimmed our eyesight, we have discarded the smaller scales leaving us with 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 54mm armies ranging from ancients to medieval to the Colonial period.  As this blog progresses, we will be posting photos of figures and wargames using both modern makers and figures from ranges of long ago.

But where to start?  In the absence of articles from A and B, I, C have decided to take the plunge. 

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