Wednesday 23 September 2015

Minifigs S Range - Crimean War range

I have often come across mention on The Miniatures Page (TMP) referring to the Minifig S Range but not too often do you see any pictures.  The Lone S Ranger is an excellent blog to get details of the range and some pictures of units but not too many games using the figures.  So I thought I would take some pictures of my Crimean War units - a combination of original and recast figures - and follow it with a battle using all the figures.


British/French and Turks


  1. This was a really fun game using all of Alan's figures and with British, French, Turkish and Sardinians opposing the The Czar's Russians. It was also a test for a new set of rules which Alan had discovered free on the Net. More of them to come.

  2. Hi Great looking miniatures! I too am doing a Crimean war in 15mm I hope one day to have as many painted as you have here:) Hey could I ask about what rules you used? Thanks so much.