Monday 3 September 2018

1866 S range Prussian and Allied forces

I got a sidetracked on my 1866 forces a few times and had lost track of what I had and what I needed.  I had painted some units and put them in boxes. It is raining outside so I thought I would have a parade.

To try to bulk up the Prussians I decided to make a unit in greatcoats using the CW Russian Infantryman with a Prussian head it sort of worked but I wasn't that happy.

So I have been playing around with the Russian Line infantryman and trimming the peak from his cap to make a Prussian infantryman in a field cap.

The allied force consisted of troops from Saxe Gotha, Oldenburg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Lippe Detmold and Waldeck.

What have I concluded from this Parade?  Firstly, that I have no Allied Artillery and not much Prussian either and secondly I could probably do with some more Allied infantry as well.

The force stands at 12 Infantry Regiments:
6 Prussian Infantry Regiments
1 Regiment of Jagers/Silesian Riflemen
5 Allied Regiments

8 Units of Cavalry
6 Prussian
2 Allied
4 guns

A total of 212 infantry and 48 cavalry.

With the exception of the Waldeck and Lippe infantry the Allied forces are all conversions and home castings.


  1. And what a magnificent parade it is, ABC!
    Have you considered Hanoverians?

    1. Hi thanks for posting. Yes I made up a conversion for a Hanoverian with the plume oh the shako but he reminded me of a Brunswicker from the Nap War then I tried a figure with a shako. The pictures look a bit like the Prince Albert shako and he looked like a British Crimea figure in black. Will post a picture of the one I have done. The Austrians and their allies are up next!

    2. Getting confused. It was a Brunswicker not a Hanoverian that I made!!!!

  2. Lovely toys sir...
    One of my favourite periods...

    All the best. Aly

    1. Hi Aly
      It is an amazing period in terms of the variety of nations/states/duchies all with their own little forces. Having a problem deciding when to stop! Glad you liked them.

  3. Wonderful and impressive battlelines!

  4. The Austrians and their allies also had a parade and their pictures are up next! Hope you enjoy them as much.