Saturday 8 September 2018

1866 S Range Austrian and Allied Forces

Having had the Prussians on the table, I thought it only right to do the same with the Austrians and their Allies as well, as I have also added bits to the Austrians -  Hussars and Uhlans and another Hungarian infantry regiment and high command since their last outing.

Allied forces.  Wurtemberg,;Bavarian; Hesse-Kessel; Baden and Saxe Meiningen.

Whilst the Austrians and Allies have enough Artillery  I need to finish of the Hesse Kessel Jagers, only got 4 figures so far, and 1 more gun.

The Austrian and Allied Forces consist of 14 Regiments of Infantry
4 Austrian Regiments
2 Hungarian Regiments
1 Regiment of Jagers

Allied Infantry 
7 Regiments

Cavalry 9 Regiments
6 Regiments of Austrian Horse
3 Regiments of Allied Horse

Artillery 6 batteries
2 Austrian Guns
4 Allied Guns

A total of 244 Infantry and 53 cavalry.  

The Saxons would be an easy addition as they are readily available so I might go for a couple of regiments and convert some cavalry to represent the Saxons but that means more Prussian forces.  Oh dear, when to stop?


  1. They are fantastic. I am also jealous of your ability to produce good photos of parades like this, which I never can do.

    1. Hi I always enjoy looking at the S range on your blog. I always find something I haven't seen before.

  2. What a wonderful tabletop force!

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi Stokes, as always thanks for looking and posting. Now I only have to get them in action!

  3. Replies
    1. I am prod of them, apart from the Bavarians and Wurtemburgers, the rest are all my own work. Either entire hand conversions like the Austrian infantry or home made castings

  4. When to stop? ......surely you know by now, it never stops!

    1. Hi Brian, Sadly I think you are right, already have moulds for Bremen Infantry and some cast so they have got to happen now. Have got a Brunswicker I made and painted as a trial, also some Danes and Civilians/Frei Corps...........oh of course and then there are the trial Italians......oh dear

  5. A lovely looking army...
    I am looking forward to seeing them all in action.

    All the best. Aly

  6. So am I! Off to the States at the end of the week so they won't get on the table until the end of October and there may be more by then

  7. Absolutely brilliant.
    Have a great trip
    Best regards

    1. HI WM, many thanks for looking and posting. 10 of the infantry regiments and 8 of the cavalry regiments are either hand made or home castings, quite proud of them really.