Friday 31 August 2018

S Range Mexican Adventure - Mexican cavalry & Sombrero tip

A simple fix to make the figure shown below which can be painted in a variety of colours is as follows:

 Step 1 Find a friend who is making or has made the Perry Ansar figures and beg/borrow any spare shields.

Step 2 - File flat the kepi/head gear of the figure being converted.  This one is an ACW Cavalry Officer. 

Step 3 - File flat the point on the Ansar shield.  The shield had 2 little indents, a blob of superglue can be used to fill this in. 

Step 4 - Drill through the centre of the plastic shield and drill the centre of the now flat head that is receiving the  sombrero. Glue a small piece of brass rod/paperclip/florist wire into the hole in the head and push on the 'shield' and glue in place.  Then it is a simple job of painting the figure.  Hopefully making a better job of white or coloured lines than I have.

You can do this for almost any figure you want to give a simple sombrero to.  

Using a plastic 'shield' also enables it to be made smaller with scalpel.  The addition of a brim made from fuse wire creates a different sombrero.


  1. Love it! Happy to see that the DIY spirit lives on in the hobby when so much seems to be available over the counter these days. He is marvelous.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Stokes
    Thanks for looking and posting. I was surprised how wide some sombreros were/are. So this was a really easy conversion once I got my head around how to get a simple circle.