Saturday 15 April 2017

S Range -sorry Hinton Hunt - Franco Prussian War dismounted French cavalry conversions

I was recently passed back a number of old Douglas Miniatures, some S range Napoleonic and Hinton Hunt fihures (update)  I had given my friends son many years ago.  Amongst them were a dozen or so dismounted French Napoleonic dragoons in marching and firing poses.  Over the years the standing firing figures have lost their bayonets.  I had a look on ebay and couldn't see much of a market for them so wondered if I could make use of them in my Franco Prussian War army.

The dragoons have the Napoleonic long tail coat and open waist coat, so I cut away the tails and used some green stuff to make the more baggy trousers reminiscent of the 1870 era dragoons and a 'skirt' of green stuff to extend the coat and a thin 'belt'.  I cut of the plume and smoothed the cut with some 'wet and dry' sandpaper.  Then it was a paint job.

I have also tried creating a dismounted French Chasseur a'Afrique.  Twisting the head off worked and I removed one of the belt straps. It sort of worked, overdid the green stuff on the back.

Update: Thanks to wellington Man and others for pointing out what I thought were early Minifgs are actually Hinton Hunts dragoons.  


  1. Your conversions just keep getting better, Alan!

    I hate to tell you this, but I think your "Douglas" dismounted dragoons look awfully like Hinton Hunts.

  2. Hi Wellington Man
    I knew he wasn't a Douglas Miniatures figure, but having had hundreds of HH I bought off Terry Wise back in the day they looked so different I assumed they were early minifigs. Bit of a rewrite in the offing! I got these off of Stuart Asquith about 20 years ago. Shows you shouldn't make assumptions. They work quite well alongside the S Range. Not sure what to do with the remaining figures. The melting pot seems to be a bit of an inglorious end.

  3. Very nice, great poses and wonderful colors...

    1. Hi Phil
      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. Glad you liked them. Got to make moulds - or get Jack to help me - now so I can produce a unit!

  4. Easy way to tell Douglas: round bases

  5. Hi Vintage Wargamer

    Yes the Douglas figures are easy - no problem with them. Looking at the bases on the dragoons again you can tell they are HH because the bases whilst 'square' have rounded corners. Should have noticed before.