Monday 24 April 2017

Poppies in Shoeburyness

Went down to visit my daughter and son in law and our new grandson on Sunday and took a stroll down to Barge Pier in Shoeburyness to see the Poppy Wave.

The pictures aren't great as I took them on my phone, but I hope they give the impression. The original Poppy display was at the Tower of London.  This much smaller display of Poppies but on a lovely spring day the display looked good and was still thought provoking. If you are in that past of Essex it's worth a look.  Parking is free and it is a nice easy stroll through the nature reserve to get to the pier. 

The pier was used to deliver munitions to the 'Garrison' depot which used to be at Shoeburyness and you can see the remains of rail tracks which were used to transport materials

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