Sunday 18 October 2015

Salt Store Raid

We like to try to vary our wargames, rather than just two or more sides slogging out, although that is fun too. Browsing the web as you do, and interested in the American Civil War as I am, and looking for unusual potential wargame scenarios as I was, I came across references to Union forces attacking Confederate salt works along the coast and how important salt was.

"Salt is eminently contraband because of its use in curing meats, without which armies cannot be subsisted" - Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman - 1862.

The Terrain
Jack Alexander had just tried his hand at making a 28mm ACW ship so we had the ingredients for a game.

The idea was for the Union to launch a raid on a small Confederate salt works.

The 7th Indiana pull ashore

A lucky shot takes out the Confederate shore battery
The fighting 5th are urged forward
A sharp handbrake turn to avoid the fire fight!

Tucker's men stand firm in the face of overwhelming odds

The militia prepare

The 2nd US Sharpshooters lead the way

Having captured the landing dock the Union forces pour ashore
One artilleryman realises in a rush of enthusiasm he has come ashore and fights to get back on board!
Freed slaves help the 5th in their initial assault on the salt works
The sharpshooters surge across the causeway supported by Ensign Arrant's boat gun
The 5th enter a firefight with the Zouaves and Militia defending the salt works

The Militia prepare to defend the salt works

Keep building, frantic efforts to build a barricade of barrels at the salt works whilst the 5th advance in the background

Union sailors rally to the support of the 5th.

The Confederate commander realises the attack on the dock is a diversion and that the salt store is under attack.

The cavalry arrive in the nick of time!

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