Saturday 3 October 2015

ACW Train

I saw this train in the window of a sweet shop in Ealing a few years ago, and decided to buy it as we were just getting into 28mm ACW following the release of the Perry range.  It is a die cast model and was screwed to a length of plastic track.  I paid £9 if my memory serves me right.  I gave it a bit of a paint job to cover up some of the 'gold' and 'bronze' plastic, but it had no tender.

Jack Alexander thought he could solve this and set about building this tender from scratch, including modifying the wheels from a couple of OO gauge railway trucks we picked up cheap at a show

The effect is excellent and 'yes' he cut all the bits of 'wood'.

It works really well with our Perry figures and was a very cheap solution to being able to have ACW games with a railroad.

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