Tuesday 28 November 2017

Minifigs S Range 1866 Hesse Kessel Cavalry Conversion

Still ploughing on with my 1866 conversions.  Here are the latest.

Hesse Kessel Cavalry

I thought the uniform was superb so I had to have some of these.

I used the French FPW Hussar as the body with the head of the CW Russian light cavalry figure.  I filed down one side of the cap to make a 'slope' then added 'green stuff' to make the drouping cap and a blanket roll.  Since I only needed 6 figures I made each conversion separately hence the slight variations.  Can't paint as well as I used to as I have a bit of a problem with my eyes at the moment.  Hopefully the hospital can fix things!  They pass the distance test - well at least to my dodgy eyes they do.

Whilst I was at it and to finish the Hessel kessel contingent I add a couple of artillerymen by putting the Russian CW helmets on the bodies of a Wurttemberg artillery figures.


  1. That is an interesting uniform. I always think the trick with S Range cavalry is choosing the right horse (depending on what you have access to) and these look top notch. Lovely figures again and what a fantastic project.

  2. Hi VW
    Glad you like them. I was supposed to be adding reinforcements to the Prussians, but all I have done is complete the Hesse Kessel contingent and convert another Hungarian Unit!

    I know what you mean about the horses. There is a really odd horse pose (two front legs off the ground) which I have been able to avoid although I do have a couple in the original S Range Crimean War army Jack past on to me way back when.

  3. Those are great, ABC. I very fetching shade of blue, too.

  4. Hi WM, thanks as always for the encouragement. It was the blue that caught my eye in the first place! Your 'pages' on different subjects are great. Are you going to do one for your metal flags?

    1. Look forward to reading it. Have cut my can ready for the off!