Tuesday 10 October 2017

1866 - S range - Part 3 - Nassau - then Sachen-Meiningen and Hesse Damstadt

Nassau - and then Sach Meiningen!

I  found a picture of a Nassau Infantry in a sort of 'picklehaub'.  Which looked a lot more fun. Different from the Prussian one - more helmet like.  

I used the FPW Saxon Infantry figure and made an infantryman using the Prussian Dragoon head which I had left over.

However, I thought the helmet wasn't tall enough, so fell back on the CW Russian Guard 'helmet'. This looks much 'grander'.  Again the Saxon officer provided the body.  Just for the fun of it I also converted the Caucausian bugler as an alternative to a drummer.  

I then found the picture for the 1866 uniform and realised that I had been working on the 1862 uniform!!!!!  The 'Jacklex backpack' would probably be a better fit than the Saxon one..  

So these guys are repainted - belts from buff to black to make Sachsen- Meiningen troops!  The Nassau regiment will probably be l based on an ACW war figure with the 'Jacklex backpack'.

Hesse Damstadt

I also made this trial figure based on a picture of the Hesse Damstadt Infantry.  Again didn't look at the date so he will remain a one-off although I do like the figure a lot. Need to look at dates not pretty pictures!!!!  


  1. Well, they all look grand to me. Neat to finally see some early mid-19th century Germans in the taller variety of picklehaube.

    Best Regards,


  2. Glad you like them. These taller picklehaube troops add to the variety.

  3. This could be the start of your 1st Schleswig Holstein War collection...;-)

    All the best. Aly

  4. Hi Alastair, many thanks for posting, I was wondering the same thing. Got some conversions in mind and created a file of pictures. Got to try not to get diverted too soon,

  5. Another brilliant conversion, ABC! I'm in awe of your output.
    Best regards

  6. Many thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I think what you have done with your HH conversions. I like to think that is the designers/modellers we're still around these ranges would have been developed to fill in the gaps.

  7. Interesting story about the pickelhaube here. The Russians developed the tall one (original invention) but the Prussians saw it and got it into the field first - by 1848 the Prussian infantry (including Jagers) were wearing the tall one. A lot of other German states followed suit (as you have learned). In 1862, the shorter pickelhaube was part of a revision to Prussian uniforms generally, and that trickled through to other German armies as well in some cases. It is a very confusing subject - as you've learned: dates are important (although keep looking at the pictures, too!) Brilliant conversions!

  8. Hi Arofan
    Great bit of background, many thanks. Glad you liked the conversions.