Sunday 8 October 2017

1866 - S range - Part 3 Allied Infantry - Baden

Moving off of the Austrians themselves, I have also been playing around with some of the allied armies.  

This figure is a simple head swap of a Saxon Infantry head on the Algerian Infantry body.  I painted him in a blue greatcoat and grey trousers as a bid of contrast, but them found a picture showing the infantryman in a grey greatcoat and trousers.  Then one with dark blue trousers!

My friend Chensie Chen (Chen) put together the flag for me based on a description in the Continental Wars Society's excellent Foreign Correspondent magazine.  We guessed a bit at the scroll under the Baden coat of arms.

Another alternative would be to paint Saxon infantryman and change the back pack using the 'Jacklex back pack' I used for the Hungarian Infantryman in the earlier post.


  1. Very smart, and the flag is a wonderful addition.

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks, I think the flag makes them.

  3. Another very clever conversion, ABC. I have to admit that painting a flag like that really would be a bit of a challenge!

    1. I wondered whether you could etch the design onto a 'can flag' through a paper template with something like a compass point and then paint the impressed design? I also suspect some beer cans are thinner than fizzy drinks cans and may be easier to work with. Is this true?

    2. I've not tried either, ABC, but it certainly sounds worth a go.