Thursday 23 June 2016

28mm Em4 ACW conversions

Bob bought a bag of each of Em4's confederate and Union infantry.   20 figures for £5 is excellent value for money and can be used to 'bulk out' any ACW army.  I have to confess that I prefer the Union figures as the Confederate 'hat' reminds me more of a 'bush hat' than the sort of headgear that one normally associated with the war.

In case you haven't seen them before, here's how they compare with Perry's ACW figures.

The plastic is soft and can easily be cut and shaped. I have mostly experimented with the Confederates as I personally find these the less attractive and with 20 Figures from  £5, you can afford to mess around. 

 Here are some of the changes that I have tried to date.

Officer with Perry hat and sword arm

Original figure and figures with Perry hats.  The figure with the bandaged head is just the existing hat trimmed to leave the 'hat band' which forms the bandage. 

One of the figures in this picture has a Perry Kepi and the other is one I did simply using a scalpel - in case you can't tell, mine is the one with the blue kepi.  

TIP: If you want to use a Perry hat/kepi shave away the existing EM4 hat to leave a 'dome' on the figure, this fits inside the Perry hat/kepi and leaves something for the glue to bond with.  I tried simply cutting the EM4 hat of leaving me with a 'flat surface' so to speak and stuck the Perry hat/kepi to it.  Whilst it worked, I found that the small surface areas in contact meant that after a little handling the the hat and head came adrift and I had to keep sticking them back together.

Converted to make a sapper using an Irregular Miniature pick-axe and a Perry hat. Just a simple cut away of the rifle, a hole drilled through each of the hands with a 'pin-drill' and the pick-axe push through. 

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