Sunday 19 June 2016

From Prussians to British - an S range paint conversion

I am nearing the end of the build of my S Range Franco Prussian armies and looking around for what next?

As I get older I don't feel like starting another army from scratch.  The Franco Prussian War project came about because I had the nucleus for the French in my Crimean War forces so I could 'recycle' many of them them into another era and build an army without painting hundreds of figures.

Whilst painting some Prussians I found I had a couple of figures undercoated and spare, the red and blue paints were on the table, so I just wondered, could the Prussians be painted as British Home Service units?  If so, I could use my Crimean War Guards and Highlanders and the heavy and light cavalry units to form the basis of a new force.

So I painted these figures.  I know the 'picklehaube' isn't right, but it isn't quite right for the Prussians either.

The mounted officer is the Russian General from the Crimean War range, if I don't proceed he will fit into the Crimean War force as a cavalry or staff officer.  I have also painted this figure as a General for my Prussians.

We could wargame the fictional invasion of Britain by the Prussians and their allies following the Franco Prussian War.  The Silesian Rifleman would paint nicely as a Volunteer Rifleman just to mix things up.

Maybe this could be a project........


  1. They look close enough to be British , a project I've always fancied - very H.G. Wellsian , Tony

  2. Hi

    Glad you think they could work, I think with the green helmet for the Durham Light Infantry as a change from the blue and possibly a white helmet could make an attractive force.

  3. Those look very convincing! I reckon French Garde Mobile would also work very well in grey as volunteer rifle regiments.

  4. Hi
    Great idea, are those the ones with the 'Glencarry' type cap? Must ask John for some samples to play with.

  5. Works for me as well. I've always liked those "old school" figures. Most of my Napoleonic armies are Scruby, Minifig, or Hinton Hunt.