Sunday 8 November 2015

15mm Napoleonic Ottoman Army

This is a roll call for my 15mm Napoleonic Ottoman Turkish Army.  The figures are mainly Minifigs, with some Lancashire Games figures and Irregular Miniatures.  

I started my return to 15mm with an Austrian Napoleonic Army (pictures to follow at a later date) having had a Renaissance Polish army back in the 1980s.  I choose the Warrior Miniatures Austrian because they were all white and Warrior do a very good deal.  Having managed to paint them, I added Saxons - again white - and Bavarians.  The aim was a coalition  army to take on the Russians. 

I didn't want to paint the French  and knowing Bob is into all things Eastern European and Turkish I thought I would paint up an Ottoman army to take on the Russians. So here they are and I will be posting pictures of them in action shortly.

Ottoman Command

Nizam-j-jed brigade
Bostandji Corps
New Model Armt regiment
Chifflick Regt

Albanian and Anatolian Sekhans

 Lancashire Games Janissaries and Minifigs Command

Irregular Miniatures Turks

Sulvarileri and Sipahis

Irregular Cavalry


  1. Wow, beautiful minis with fantastic colors...gorgeous!

  2. Great work! Can't seem to find the figures on the Lancashire Games site?

  3. Thanks Richard, glad you liked them. The Lancashire Games figures are in the 15mm Eastern Renaissance range.