Friday 14 February 2020

FPW Ambulance Update- Wagon Driver RNX1

I mentioned in the previous post that I had spotted the Russian Wagon driver in fatigue dress RNX1 in the Minifigs catalogue and wondered if this would be an easier way of getting drivers for LLeido wagons (or indeed any other wagon) than cutting 2 figures apart as I had been doing up until now.  

Of course as soon as I finished my Ambulance conversions I discovered that I already had a LLeido 'box' wagon in another wargames box!! Anyway, at least if provides an opportunity to show you what the figure looks like on a variety of Lleido wagons.

Brewery wagon. I removed the barrels to use as barricades

A Bavarian head with the comb removed might
make a passable fireman's helmet?
Basically the figure works and doesn't look out of place with S range.  I think the driver may supposed to be mounted on a horse rather than the seat of a wagon as his legs are quite spread apart.  However they can be squeezed together with a pliers to make it look better.

The fatigue dress means that the figure has no pouches, cross belts or weapons and has shoes rather than boots, meaning he is ripe for conversion of simply having leaving and being painted.  The only thing that strikes me as odd is the hat, which looks very formal.  A quick file to get rid of the top 'rim' of the hat and or filling it down would probably work and give a more fatigue cap lookas would a straight head swap .  The raised right hand looks as if it should be holding a whip.

You can use this figure as a driver for any wagon and with very little work or a simple head swap for almost any nation in the CW or FPW or with S range Napoleonics.

This is the figure on an Airfix wagon.  The seat needs to be raised by 2mm either with card or as in this picture a small piece of laminated floor tile to allow the figure feet to sit properly.


  1. The figure will look okay if seated with legs either side of the corner of the wagon or a box - but if on the seat I agree the legs need to be closed up a bit - there is a limit to manspreading.

    1. I agree about the man spreading bit. That's what made me wonder if he was meant to ride a horse. I did try it on an S Range team horse but it didn't look right. The picture in the Minifigs catalogue has got him sitting on a chair at a table so you can't see the man spread!

  2. Hi I agree about this figure being useful. Wish I had spotted it before. It doesn't have the bulk of the Minigfig Infantry figures. A number of these'fringe' figures are worth a look as they are more comparable with the range that came between S range and the modern figures but seem to have disappered. The seated officers at a table is another example.

  3. A little gem, wonderful on the wargaming tables!

  4. Hi phil, this is a really useful figure, wish I come across it before.

  5. Cussses. You´ve made me see the potential in the wagons. I was offered a load of the lledo days gone horse drawn sets. They are now in storage and making an excuse to get my Hands on them would be near impossible. Why didn´t I take them when I had the Chance!?

  6. Hi Paul, assuming you are in the UK, email me your address and I'll send you the box wagon I found in the other box and which I no longer need.