Wednesday 21 August 2019

'Can You See What I See?'

Some time ago I made some conversions to create a mounted Prussian and French Officer with binoculars - well what I was prepared to accept looked a bit like them.

I always fancied an infantry officer with binoculars.  Before I got my recent diagnosis, I had started hacking a figure about to try to make one.  For some time now the various bits - arms and bodies have sat on my desk waiting to be put together.  To be honest I couldn't be bothered to complete it.  But in one of my brighter moments I thought 'why not'.

So I set about joining the arms to the body.  Needless to say they broke, fell on the floor and I was left crawling around trying to find the two parts of the arms.  I eventually found them more by luck that judgement.  My big problem now is that I have a cataract in my left eye.  This is the eye I use for close up work.  I do not mention this to solicit yet more sympathy but to explain what happened next.

I set about fixing the arms in place with superglue and green stuff.  Having completed this task which I thought seemed more difficult to line up the arms than before and leaving everything to dry off. I picked up my finished creation only to discover that I had stuck the arms on upside down!  I blame this entirely on my eye! 

Having got this far I really couldn't be bothered to try to undo the fixing or start again so I just proceeded to paint what I had done.  Again painting is a real problem the brush seems to have turned into a broom!  Anyway this is the 'finished article' which just goes to show how wrong you can get it!

'Can You See What I See'

Needless to say, I won't be making anymore versions of this particular conversion!


  1. I’d be happy if I made that!

  2. Don't beat yourself this scale you would be hard pushed to notice!

  3. The paint applied and an elbow looking to be in the right place makes everything look fine to my eye.

    It did make me smile though, as I too have had a recent upside down arm episode with the very unforgiving super glue and then messing around with it, came the closest I have ever come to super gluing two fingers together and not getting them to part!

  4. Ahhmmm, should I confess that I did the upside down binocular arms in 54mm? Luckily I eventually spotted it in time to reverse them before painting started.

  5. Figure actually looks pretty good to me. The trials of getting there did make me smile though.