Saturday 3 August 2019

Bob's Hungarian Army

Following on from the pictures of Bob's Ottoman Army which generated a lot of interest, he got his Hungarian's out and I took some pictures.  Another army with lots of banners!

Bob tells me that the army is built around HYW French army from Lancashire Games. He also tells me that astute readers will notice that not only is the Royal Standard with Corvinus's Raven present, but so is his Fathers banner, that of Hunyadi Janos. So Hunyadi is dead and his son rules so the army is about 1460 - which just allows it to have a few Hussite/Bohemian mercenaries - the handgunners and others. For those of us not so astute it's a nice bit of history!

  Hungarian army led by Perry WOR infantry
        Hungarian cavalry  French HYW figures by Lancashire Games 

      Bishop Peter of Vas’ religious wagon.
Wagon, banner and oxen and oxen leader by Irregular Miniatures 
Archbishop by E4M 

 Hungarian cavalry by Old Glory

 Infantry mainly by Lancashire games

     The Commander with Royal Standard  Lancashire Games

WoR figures by Perry Bros

      Early handgunners by Kingmaker (1st corps)

     Heavy cavalry by Lancashire Games

   Old Glory figures from their 15th century Eastern Europe range

    Frontier fort by Jack used from medieval to Colonial times  
Archers are Alan’s Perry Englishmen. 
 King, queen and Herald are old 30mm figures that don’t seem so tall nowadays

.       Hobilar leads the infantry

Heavy cavalry  livery based on illustration of Sigismund’s troops
     more Perry archers and infantry aid the Hungarian infantry

.      Old Glory 15th century knights


.      Commander, with Royal Banner with raven of Mattias Corvinus

    Hungarian from TAG

Trumpeter. Standard figure from Lancashire Gamess range 
 Bob saw a 15th century illustration of Hunagrian trumpeter with (green) cap 
and converted his headwear into this cap


  1. An amazing collection , I do like Medieval armies .

  2. A good looking army, with the mix of manufacturers giving a nice look ..... though I especially like the Bishop Peter’s wagon base, a lovely addition to the force.

  3. Thanks Norm for the comment about the Bishop’s Wagon. I bought this from Irregular and painted it. I then saw on TMP a gamer using nail transfers, so I invested £1.25 in gold designs and added them to the oxen and wagon. Have used the wagon as a rallying point – boosting Hungarians and Poles morale, and causing a major problem if the Turks take it.

    As for Josef Svjek, glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for the comments