Thursday 4 April 2019

28mm Pike and Shotte Ottomans V Poles - Part 2

As I mentioned in the earlier blog Bob set this game up and after a bit of a ‘test’ we decided that the Polish Winged Hussars, whilst looking spectacular in a mass, were just a bit too powerful all together.

Bob reset the table and we met to replay the game.  The scenario was the same.  In essence the Turks had to get the pillaged supplies back to their base.  The Poles aim was to free the captives, take back the supplies and see the end of Gothrin the mad who had led the raid of the Polish frontier and if possible his father Etrogul the Brutal.

Gothrin the Mad and his train and captives.

Bringing up the rear he has his main force led by his infantry

The revised Polish lines

Gothrin managed to get this train moving towards the safety of his father's ‘field army’  

We allowed the Turks a two move start but not everyone got the message!  The Poles begin their assault. On the right the Polish light cavalry spotted the horde of Ottoman irregular infantry and charge!

Some pathetic archery doesn't stop the Poles from ploughing in.  However the sheer size of the Ottoman unit holds the Polish cavalry – just.

In the centre a unit of Hussars senses the opportunity to attack the stationary Etrogul and his field army and charges  his elite bodyguard infantry

In support some of the Polish infantry move forwards slowly but many stay put.  Elsewhere the other Polish heavy cavalry advance slowly.

On the left the light cavalry move forward cautiously.


In the centre the Polish Winged Hussars don’t have it all their own way against Etrogul’s elite infantry bodyguard but eventually they break and run.  At the same time Etrogul seeks shelter behind his mounted bodyguard.  The Poles surge forward in a sweeping advance and crash into them.

Whilst they weaken the bodyguard it is a step too far and they are eventually broken and flee!

Gothrin decides to send his cavalry to ward of the advancing Poles whilst staying with the train to ‘guide it to safety’!  The cavalry charge an infantry unit whilst the horse archers fire at the supporting Hussars.

The cavalry are already carrying casualties and suffer at the hands of the ‘two handed’ axes wield by the poles.  The fail a ‘Break Test’ and are pushed back.

Meanwhile of the right the Polish light cavalry have seen one unit come from the fortress to support Etrogul and decided to act launching a charge on the Hungarian infantry defending the gates.

The Polish Winged Hussars who had been supporting the infantry take advantage of the push back of the Turk cavalry and charge.

Another unit of Hussars attacks the Horse archers

The Turk cavalry can’t stand the Charge and are beaten and flee the horse archers scatter to avoid the other unit of Hussars and suddenly Gothrin and his unguarded spoils and captives are in sight.  The Hussars push on to capture the supplies and Gothrin is taken in a battle with the ‘wagoneers’.  The captives are freed and flee towards the safety of the Polish lines.

More winged hussars push forward to support the light cavalry engaged with the Hungarians

 With Gothrin defeated and more Poles advancing Etrogul heads for the safety of the fortress supported by his bodyguard.

The Turks still didn't manage to field all their support forces before the Poles descended upon them.  But a good game nevertheless.  

Both army look superb with all their banners and pennants and you almost feel that this is one of those games were all the figures should go on the table for a 'slog it out game' just because it would look so effective.  The Hinchcliffe Polish Winged Hussars look brilliant with their huge wings and long lances.


  1. Your colorful armies and excellent photography is a visual treat. Well done!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, Bob's armies my pictures so a combined effort. I like getting close down when I take pictures as I think it makes it more interesting that just aerial shots. These armies lend themselves to this type of picture because of all the colourful banners and pennants.

  2. Great looking figures and banners. Quite a table top spectacle.

    1. Hi Pancerni, glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to post. Bob and I really appreciate it.

  3. Its great to see a Turkish renaissance army. and a lovely Polish army made up of Hinchliffe figures. Their winged lancer was one of their best figures. The turks will always struggle against the lancers but Ive found that the spiahs are capable of wearing them down. Well done with the game it was lovely.

    1. Thanks for the comments. There are a range of Winged Hussars on the table, and some from Irregular Mins that have yet to appear on the table, but none of these excellent figures can match the Hinchcliffe figures.
      We played a game where our third member Jack Alexander led all the Hussars in a charge against the Turkish Sultan in the centre of the field. Nothing could stop the Hussars but every encounter wore them down. In this case I kept placing fresh Turks, Spahis and light cavalry and archers firing from the flanks, in front of them – they battered through but slowed. It was touch and go who would win – the Turks holding them or the Poles finally reaching the Sultan. This time the Poles won – but there is always time for revenge.