Friday 16 February 2018

Minifig S range - 1866 Austrian Hussars

Before Christmas I posted a picture of an 1866 Austrian Hussar I had converted using the body of a British Hussar Officer (all I had available at the time) and a French Zouave head.  I finally got around to casting up the rest of the bodies and heads to make up a unit.

This completes my 1866 Austrians, giving me

4 units of Austrian Infantry in greatcoats
2 Hungarian units in white coats
I Unit of Jagers
2 Units of Cuirassiers
I Unit of dragoons
I Unit of Hussars
6 Gunners (two guns and one limber.)
3 Mounted Officers

A total of 159 figures.  All of which started off as conversions and  the overwhelming majority of which are individual conversions.  Only got moulds for the Cuirassiers and the Jagers.


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    1. Hi
      Glad you liked them production of my 1866 armies has slowed a lot I'm afraid. Running out of figures to convert. Making some moulds as we speak to try to get back on track with the German Duchies!