Saturday 23 September 2017

Beaston's Complete!

Sounds a bit like a recipe.  What it actually means is that John Cunningham sent me back some masters I made for him the other day which included the Beaston Horse Artillery figures and a couple of British Horse Artillery outriders.  So rather than waste the heads I put 2 of the Beaston heads on the RHA figures and now have limber riders, meaning I have the 'Complete Beaston's'.

Of course they probably never wore the helmets but they are my figures - and I think they do look rather smart!.


  1. They look wonderful in any case!

    Best REgards,


    1. Thanks Stokes. They do look fun. Need to get them on the table now for a game.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Norm, hated to see the two sets of conversion just disappear into a box and them eventually the melting pot, so it was fun to put the two conversions together. Better still I didn't need to drill holes or glue in pins as they were already done so it was really quick to do them.

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    1. Many thanks Wellington Man, your lasted HH battle and write up is great. Got me trying to make a FPW figure with binoculars so he can help find 'Will'.