Sunday 8 January 2017

S Range Sardinian Lancer Conversion

I liked the look of a Sardinian Lancer in a helmet for my Allied Crimean War forces, so set about converting a FPW French Dragoon.  The figure would also work as a  Lancer for the Italian Wars of unification.

No head swaps on this occasion, just a scalpel and a bit of 'wet and dry' sand paper and a pair of thin nosed pliers. Slowly cut away the horse hair and then clean it up with the sand paper. Then using the pliers just bend over the end of the metal 'comb' that is left once the horse hair has been removed.  The cut off the musket and drill through the hand an insert a brass rod.  

I also tried the same conversion using a Carabineer, but I think both the helmet and the  crest are too high, although the horse furniture is nearer the mark.

Unfortunately the website 'An Illustrated History of Ottoman Uniforms & Insignia 1600 till 1923 has been revamped and whilst still a superb port of call for information on Ottoman uniforms, all the pages which used to appear on the site about Sardinian uniforms in the Crimean War seem to have been deleted.  These pages used to carry some excellent illustrations by C Flaherty on of all branches of the Sardinian Army in the Crimea, including the lancers shown above, a very real shame and a loss. Hopefully these pages will reappear again.


  1. Many thanks, glad you liked him.

  2. Your Sardinians just keep getting better and better. Well done!

  3. Hi Wellington Man
    Thanks for your comments, given how well you do your conversions I am very flattered