Friday 5 August 2016

Crimean War Sardinian Provisional Cavalry - S range conversion.

Another of my conversions for the Crimean War S range series.

I had always fancied some Sardinians to compliment my allied army and the original S range figures listed in their catalogue seem illusive, assuming they were ever produced.  So I set about creating some conversions.

This is my attempt at a Sardinian Provisional Cavalryman.

It is basically the French Chasseurs a Cheval figure with a large (and long) horse hair plume added.  The Sardinian cavalry seem to have worn trousers.  I just painted over the boots and it sort of works, but I should have filed the boot tops away. 

The figure is painted as a trooper of the 2nd Squadron of the Sardinian Provisional Cavalry (Aosta).  The Provisional Cavalry squadrons have different coloured kepis.  For more information see (Crimean War Sardinian Army).

 This figure is available from John Cunningham as part of his Crimean War Range.

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