Wednesday 3 August 2016

Crimean Mounted Scots Officer - S range conversion

This is one of the conversions I have done to allow my Crimean War Scot's Regiments to have mounted officers.  

It is my usual head swap method shown elsewhere in the blog.  Highland Officer's head on the mounted British Officer's body and some 'greenstuff' for the tartan shoulder roll (I am sure this probably has a correct terms, so my apologies in advance).  The boot 'line' is shaved away to allow for trews.

John Cunningham now has this figure available as part of the Recast Crimean War S range


  1. Handsome - very handsome. Nice job. It's a plaid, by the way.

  2. Hi

    Many thanks, of course now you mention 'plaid' of course it's obvious and I should have known. Age plays havoc with the 'little grey cells'!

  3. wo9uld it not have been easier just to use the S Range Napoleonic one?

  4. Hi if I could have got my hands on one it would have been great but this was the only alternative.