Tuesday 8 December 2015

15mm Russians, Saxons, Bavarians and Austrians slug it out

Some pictures of a recent game Bob and I had involving some of my Warrior Miniatures and Minifigs Russians and all of the allied Warrior Miniatures Austrians, Bavarians and Saxons.  

My Russian army has grown since this battle.

The Russians having a smaller force are on the defensive.

The Russian line up with cavalry on the left flank and a redoubt on the right with the holy church in the middle on a small hill.

The allied force (looking from their side) consisted on allied cavalry on the right flank opposing the Russian cavalry with the Bavarians and Saxons in the centre and the largest contingent, being the Austrians on the left flank.  Bob commanded the Russians and I had control of the Allied forces.

I ordered a general advance.

The Russians sensibly held firm

I became completely obsessed with taking the redoubt moving virtually all the Austrians to attack it!

I just kept pouring them in!

Meanwhile the Russians advance on the rest of the force in the centre.

Then an almighty cavalry clash ensued.

The Russians continued a slow advance with Bavarian units being put to flight.

Regardless of all this I still sent the Austrians against the redoubt with the slow and burning realisation that my centre was collapsing and I couldn't turn my large Austrian force to support it!

My Saxon Guard Grenadiers couldn't stop the rot.

Basically I lost a game which I should have won.  No more chasing worthless redoubts - which I took by the way, but I sent all my Austrians against 2 Russian units and 2 batteries of artillery!


  1. Aaaaarrrrrgh! I think you've got me hooked on Austrians now. Great figures and very entertainingly presented,

  2. Many thanks for your comments. Problems with my computer so very behind with posts and replies!