Wednesday 13 December 2017

Minifigs S range Russians conversions

Whilst working on my Austrians and the allies for the 1866 armies.  I got sidetracked on a couple of occasions.

Bob liked the figures and he is a man who likes his eastern armies so I thought I could try to make some 1870 Russians for the Russo Turkish War.  I have the Turks from my Crimean Army so one side is sort of taken care of.

I used the Osprey picture I found on line.  The figure in white is an ACW advancing figure with a blanket roll and havelock.  The figure in green is a Silesian Rifleman with and ACW head swap.

I have since repainted the blanket roll to match the figure in white. Not sure what I was doing painting it this 'reddy colour'.


  1. These are rather nice. There is something about the Russo Turkish and all the remote Russian empire fighting against wild tribesmen in the mountains and desert that has a similar romantic air to the British Colonial stuff for those of us descended from the imperial side.

    Is that a blanket roll? I always thought that was a rolled greatcoat like the Victorian British sometimes used unlike the US blanket roll). (hence the brown colour, or in the British army of the time, dark grey/blue) .


  2. Hi Ross, you may be right that it is a greatcoat, rather than a blanket as such. I used that as a sort of generic term. It is more a kahki colour in the illustration in the Osprey Book the same as the figure in white. The mounted cavalry figure in that Osprey illustration can be the Bavarian Light horse or similar from the FPW range with head swap for a peaked cap from a Saxon infantry figure.

  3. Ah! I read that carelessly as painting it 'white', the khaki colour is good regardless of whether its a great coat or blanket.

    Hopefully there will be cossacks!

  4. Hi Ross
    The Cossacks should be a bit of a doddle. Hussars head, without bag on the body of the existing CW cossacks, them 'roughed up' a bit with a scalpel. Thought about using a Hussas head minus the bag on a Russian CW gunner to make Cossack artillery in the past.

  5. Did these figures come from JC? I'm looking for some with a blanket roll to fill out Prussian S Range Napoleonics and these may work with a new head.

  6. Hi, they are originally from JC the FPW Silesian Riflemen and Prussian Infantry have blanket roles so a head swap would work. The Bavarian Infantryman and the Wurtemburers also have blanket rolls but have shoulder rolls. All the figures have boots. Only the Saxons have a classic backpack with the blanket on top. All these figures have boots. Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks for the information.