Thursday 10 August 2017

S Range nonsense - Bringing in the sheaves

Or 'Guarding the Harvest'

Got bored painting some figures and had an old Airfix wagon which I kept moving from one flat surface to another so I did this. 

This is the S Range Revolutionary War Citizeness with a Pitchfork with her 'cap' cut away. The women with the sack over her shoulder is also looks like an S range figure (?) available for John Cunningham.

A FPW gunner holding a ball with a head swap. Although why I did a head swap and just didn't paint him as a Prussian or Bavarian I don't know - too clever for my own good.   I cut into the hands to open them to hold a rifle.  The weapon itself was removed from the Revolutionary War Citizeness with Musket figure.  

The 'hay' in the wagon is a bit of door mat cut down and painted to take up most of the space and then bits of  doormat fibres cut off and PVA glued in place.  The same with the straw in the Citizeness's pitchfork.  This was a 10 minute conversion.  Got another Wagon somewhere.

 Just a bit of nonsense, but maybe light cavalry trying to steal the supplies????? 


  1. Its certainly an attractive grouping whether it finds a wargaming use or not.

    A spy hiding in the hay, trying to make his/her way through enemy lines?
    Part of a convoy about to be ambushed?
    The raid idea is good though.

    1. Hi Ross, thanks for the comments and ideas. I rather fancy the trying to capture the harvest and it developing into a cavalry action with both sides feeding in troops.

  2. The devil makes work, ABC.....with superb and very inventive results! Thanks for showing.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Wellington Man
      Thanks very much, they were a bit of fun and easy - and a change!.