Wednesday 12 July 2017

Franco Prussian War S Range Limber and Box riders conversions

Following on from my previous blog showing the Crimean War limbers, these are my Franco Prussian War limber teams.

Unfortunately, John has been very busy and not able to get around to producing more horses for me so the French and Bavarians are presented on 'borrowed British Limbers'.

The French outriders are made from the French General with the FPW Artillery figures used for the head swap.

French FPW or late Crimean War Artillery riders

The Prussians and Bavarians are both based on the mounted Generals available from John Cunningham.  The key difference is the 'box riders'.

Many years ago I brought the Minifigs Napoleonic carriage WAGX 4 complete with 2 French Generals (a one piece casting).  I wanted the carriage for my ACW Governor.  The two French Officers went in a spares box.  I had a sudden idea that maybe I could convert these to make 'box seat' riders for my limbers.  So as usual it was off with the heads and the bits of extra sashes etc., and on with different heads.  The FPW Prussian and Bavarian Officer figures both have 'large heads' compared to the line infantry figures and fitted very nicely.

I had to adjust the arms to get them to sit on the Warrior Limber.  I also put a piece of vinyl floor tile between the limber box and the frame to raise it to allow for the legs.  I am not sure whether I actually like these or not.  To para phase the song 'Should they go or should they stay'?

Prussian Team - without and with box seat riders

Bavarian Limber Team - without and with box seat riders

Bavarians and Prussians seated in carriage.  These have the 'new style' Minifigs horses, but the carriage itself looks very similar to the one in the catalogue on the Lone S range blog site but with S range horses.


  1. I like 'em all!

    Best Regards,


    1. Many thanks Stokes. Looks from the comments as if the box riders are here to stay!

  2. I like them too, they look like they are having a bumpy ride which is what I would imagine from a cause in going cross country!

    1. Once again thanks for taking the time to look and comment. I did think about separating the casting to make 2 figures, to see if I could come up with someone to sit in the Prussian 'gun seats' but it was beyond me.

  3. You must keep the limber riders, ABC. They're brilliant.

    Yours, WM

    1. Looks like they 'public vote' is that are going to have to be glued in place. On their behalf I thank you for looking and 'voting'.Thank goodness the Russians are wearing 'greatcoats' and I don't have to think about them.