Saturday 27 May 2017

S range Conversions - British Crimean War Artillery in Forage caps

The mood took me and I did these simple little conversions involving head swaps.  British Infantryman in Pork pie cap heads  (forage cap) on the bodies of Horse Artillery and Foot Artillery  gunners.  

John Cunningham always sends me back any masters of figures I have made for him so I took the forage caps for the HA figures off of other conversions.  The ultimate in recycling?

Horse Artillery Gunners - probably didn't wear forage caps on active duty?  

Royal Artillery Gunners - I have read by the end of the Crimean War most sported forage caps instead of shakos.

For the Royal Artillery set I needed more heads and since I was taking the heads mainly off of the British Officer in Duffle Coat I thought I would put a peak cap on one of the body to reuse it as an officer.  In Timothy j Reese's Uniforms of the British Army of the Crimean War he illustrates a RA Officer in a peaked cap (although not a Duffle coat).

The head twist method does mean that you get to save heads and bodies for later conversions and I try not to waste either.  


  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks for posting. Glad you liked them.

  2. Another triumph, Alan.

    There are some wonderful illustrations and photos of the RA in the Crimea, including some of them wearing something that looks very similar to a night cap!

  3. Hi, I got the idea from the various pictures. They seem to go for the rather jaunty look of having the cap to one side. Thought about trying it but went for the easier option!

  4. Love those 'S' range figures and what you do with them.

  5. Hi Hal
    Thanks for looking. I am not modeler so everything has to be simple and these really are.