Friday 23 December 2016

Final Post for 2016 - S Range conversion - 72nd (Duke of Albany's Own Highlander) Regt of Foot

I have a copy of Timothy Reese's Cd Uniforms of the British Army of the Crimean War which I hadn't looked at for a while and whilst browsing through it I noticed that the 72nd Foot wore trews rather than kilts.  I thought this would make a bit of a change.  I could have just gone for the British Infantry in pork pie pose, but I thought the bonnet would be more striking.

So I set about my usual head swap.  This proved a bit more difficult as the base of the bonnet is moulded against the blanket roll of the back pack.  Having done many head swaps, I got a bit too cocky and managed to slice the scalpel blade into my finger!  Lots of blood and plasters later, I took a bit more care and managed to work away sufficient metal to free the head (which in the end didn't take too long) and them it was a simple twist and 'bob's your uncle' the head came away freely and cleanly. I used the body of the line infantry with a pork pie hat as I had one to hand.  Then it was a simple paint job.  Red is the predominant colour and at one stage my figure looked rather like Father Christmas!  My apologies in advance for my attempt at the Prince Charles Edward Stewart tartan. I think I need a bit more practice!  

I am going to make a  'one off' for the Officer  - again head swap. Using the Highland Officer head and a Light Infantry Officer's body and adding a plaid from green stuff. Hopefully, this will be easier.   

The standard bearers may be a bit of a challenge but again they can be 'one offs'. 

But what about the Piper? Should he also wear trews? That could be a tricky conversion as it will probably require an upper body swap which I haven't done before. 

Or just make a drummer and/or a bugler with a bonnet which would be a much easier head swap conversion.  Any thoughts?


  1. He is brilliant, Alan. I love the fine, fighting pose!

    Best of luck with the upper-body swaps. I haven't tried any of those yet either!

    Merry Christmas to you, Jack and Bob from NZ.

    All the best


  2. Hi
    Seeing Jack next week so I'll pass on your best wishes. Al the best for 2017.