Wednesday 30 March 2016

Recast Minifig S range Cantiniere

John sent me some of these fine ladies.  She is supposed to be an ACW Cantiniere but as John says, she would work equally well for the Crimean or Franco Prussian Wars.

This paint job is based on a painting for the Franco Prussian War.  The Cantiniere's seem to have mirrored the uniform of the units and there are pictures of them wearing Shako's and Hussar busby's.  It would be fun to have some variants in both style and uniform.

The head is very small so a head swap from most of the French Infantry wouldn't work but I tried the head from the ACW marine who is wearing a shako, which is quite small.  Again the 'head twist' method demonstrated in an earlier blog was used to remove the heads.

Here he/she is.  Sort of works but need more hair otherwise he/she might look like an early Corporal Klinger!

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